CSA Info & Pricing

CSA deliveries take place on both Wednesdays and Saturdays. As a member you will sign up for one day or the other. This is the day a CSA box will be created for you. Whatever day you sign up for, members are also able to place a la carte orders either Wednesday or Saturday as needed. We offer free delivery to one of our six delivery points or home delivery to the Morgantown area for a $2.50 delivery charge. Each week of delivery, you can either let us select the contents of the weekly box -the Farmer's Choice share- or sign into our online market to create a custom box.

The Farmer's Choice share provides 6 -10 items per week and seeks to provide as much diversity as possible throughout the season. The Farmer's Choice share is best for those who enjoy the surprise and culinary challenge of letting us choose what goes in their produce delivery each week. For a sample Farmer's Choice share click here. Other CSA members know exactly what they want and will customize their box accordingly online each week. Any week you don't login and customize your box, you will receive a Farmers's Choice share. For larger families or special occasions when you might need more vegetables than a regular share provides, our online market allows you to order additional items.

We strive to offer maximum convenience and flexibility in your choice of veggies. To that end, CSA members can rollover up to $25 worth of veggies from week to week. This allows you to get less one week and more the next, as your needs change. Although members enroll for Wednesday or Saturday delivery, they are free to order for either day using rolled over swap value or their account dollars. If you are going on vacation, simply click a button to cancel your order that week. More fresh veggies will be available in future weeks at no extra cost and your bread and cheese share will be refunded for the week. Want to see exactly how it works? Demo our ordering system.

We are currently enrolling 2015 members, so click here to add yourself to our contact list.


Veggie Shares

  • $575 for 28 weeks of Spring, Summer and Fall CSA (May to mid-November) Sold out on Wednesday- 28 weeks still available for Saturday
  • $440 for 20 week Summer Season CSA (June to Mid-October) Sold out on Wednesday- 20 weeks still available for Saturday
  • $60 for 4 week Spring Season CSA (May)
  • $80 for 4 week Fall Season CSA (mid-October to mid-November)
  • Please note that our fall and spring 4 week shares are only available to those who also sign up for 20 week shares.

Cheese Shares

  • $250 for 28 weeks of Spring, Summer and Fall Cheese Shares (May to mid-November)
  • $180 for 20 week Cheese Share during the Summer Season
  • $36 for 4 week Cheese Share during the Spring or Fall Seasons
  • Cheese shares are available only as add ons to concurrant veggie shares.

Bread Shares (Wednesdays only)

  • $146.50 for 28 weeks of Spring, Summer and Fall Bread Shares (May to mid-November)
  • $103.50 for 20 week Bread Share during the Summer Season
  • $23 for 4 week Bread Share during the Spring or Fall Seasons
  • Bread shares are available only as add ons to concurrant veggie shares.

The Everything Share

  • $961 The everything share includes veggies, cheese and bread for 28 weeks: a smorgasbord of deliciousness! (available Wednesdays only)

Grass-fed Beef Shares

  • $931 Large Share: 140 lbs of Steaks, Roasts and Ground Beef at $6.65/lb
  • $476 Medium Share: 70 lbs of Steaks, Roasts and Ground Beef at $6.80/lb
  • $243.25 Small Share: 35 lbs of Steaks, Roasts and Ground Beef at $6.95/lb

Unlike our other shares, a Beef Share is a one-time delivery in the Fall, after the cattle are butchered . Please check out our grass-fed beef and rotational grazing pages for more info.

More Great Food

Through our online market, we also feature a selection of locally produced cheeses from Firefly Farms and Goot Essa and Spring Gap Mountain Creamery, as well as fresh bread from the New Day Bakery (Wednesdays only for bread). These delicious items can be purchased a la carte each week, or you can save by purchasing a bread or cheese share. In either case, the items will be delivered with your CSA vegetables. We've chosen these local producers because their yummy food is a great accompaniment to our farm-fresh produce.

  • Cheese Shares: Choose from a variety of cow and goat milk cheeses. The Firefly Farms, Goot Essa and Spring Gap Mountain creameries are three of our region's finest cheese producers. If you love cheese, a cheese share gives you a tour of the area's best cheeses. It also gets you the more expensive varieties at a deeply discounted price.

  • Bread Shares: Choose one loaf each week, from a selection of New Day Bakery breads (available Wednesdays only). Signing up for a bread share gets you a 5% discount each week and allows you to purchase specialty breads like Bleu Seven-Grain (our personal favorite) or seasonal breads for the price of a regular loaf. It also ensures that you receive a loaf of bread every week, even if you don't login. We can't go a week without our New Day Bakery bread!

Going on vacation is no problem with bread and cheese shares. If you cancel your order for the week, your CSA account will automatically be refunded.

Produce Delivery & Pickup

We offer free delivery to our regular drop spots and home delivery to the Morgantown area for a $2.50 fee per delivery. Our regular drop spots are:

  • Morgantown, WV at the Atomic Grill on Greenbag Road (Wed & Sat)
  • Morgantown, WV at the New Day Bakery in South Park (only Wed)
  • Morgantown, WV at the Inner Life Yoga Studio on Van Voorhis Rd (Wed & Sat)
  • Cheat Lake, WV at Cheat Lake Animal Hospital (Wed & Sat)
  • Bruceton Mills, WV at The Mill Stone Creamery (Wed & Sat)
  • Cranesville, WV at the farm (Wed & Sat)

If you are interested in finding out whether you would qualify for home delivery, send us your address when you enroll for the CSA season.


To secure your CSA spot, send in a $50 deposit; the balance for all shares (except beef) is due by May 1st. Take advantage of the early bird special- pay in full by March 15th for a 20 or 28 week share and receive a $10 credit to your CSA account! Payment for beef shares is due upon delivery in the fall. We want our CSA to be accesible to everyone. If paying in full by May 1st for your CSA share makes membership seem out of reach, please let us know. We are happy to set up a payment plan.

To simplify payment for any al a carte items (bread or cheese) or extra veggies, we establish a web-account for each member. Your web account allows us to give you credits or refunds and allows you to purchase extras without having to make a payment each time.

If you don't plan to order any extras or take advantage of any specials, your balance will simply remain at $0 the whole season and you will receive the farmer's choice share or an equivalent value of your choice of veggies each week. If you do purchase add-ons, we will bill you when you owe $100 or at the end of the season, whichever comes first.

How Do I Sign Up?

We are currently enrolling for the 2015 season, so click here to sign up or get more info. Wednesday veggie shares are sold out for 2015, but veggie shares are still available for Saturday.