come 'round to eat right!

Join Our CSA

Welcome to Round Right Farm and our Community Supported Agriculture project, or CSA - your direct link to high quality, farm fresh produce. Our CSA gives you the opportunity to choose the produce that will be delivered to you each week. Here is how it works: while your produce is still growing in the field, you can go online and create a custom CSA box from our large selection of seasonal vegetables (demo our ordering system). Alternatively, stay off-line and we'll choose a diverse selection of veggies for you. Your produce will then be harvested and delivered to a location in your neighborhood. All this ensures that you receive the produce you want, when it's at its peak. Simply put, it doesn't get any fresher than this. What's more, our practices are completely organic although we are not certified organic. Be sure to check out our organic pledge.

We are currently enrolling CSA members for the 2015 season. Read all the details, or fill out oursign-up form to enroll. We'll send you an email confirming your enrollment and ask you to send in a $50 deposit.

Grass Fed Beef

We are excited to offer grass-finished beef. We do all our butchering in the fall, so please check out our grassfed beef page if you are interested in purchasing beef. Want to know more about the happy lives our cows lead? Please check out our rotational grazing page for more details. We offer three different sizes of Beef Shares or you can purchase a Half Beef. Beef Shares offer a diverse selection of steaks, roasts and ground beef.

Farmer's Markets

We are proud to bring fresh produce to our local farmer's market. Most of the produce at our stand is picked less than 24 hours before it gets to you, so you can be sure it will taste fresh and last a long time in your kitchen. To find out where we'll be, check out our Farmer's Markets page.