Why Join a CSA?

In two words - unparalleled freshness. Why eat produce that has been sitting around for days when you can get freshly harvested deliciousness! Most of the time, grocery store produce has been sitting in the store for a few days, not to mention the time it spent in a distribution center, or on a truck getting shipped to the store. We make sure your produce is harvested at its peak, always observing the best harvest and handling techniques. Grocery store produce will never be able to compete with freshness like this. With a CSA, your produce tastes better, lasts longer and is healthier for you and the earth.

Broccoli Romanesco, an unusual variety of cauliflower

Joining a CSA also means that you're supporting the livelihood of a local farmer who is committed to diversified farming. A diversified farm does not mono-crop, which means more overall biological diversity. The huge scale of most commercial agriculture leads to a surprising lack of varietal choices when we go to the grocery store, and it also endangers the seed pool for future generations. At Round Right Farm, we raise a mixture of heirloom, open-pollinated and hybrid varieties. By keeping a mixture of varieties alive, we are helping to ensure that later generations will be able to have more than one choice when it comes to growing squash, tomatoes, and other favorites. We never grow GMO crops and order from seed companies who are committed to non-GMO varieties.

Why else subscribe to our farm?
  • To enjoy the unique taste of each season--fresh salad greens in spring, the first crisp summer squash in July, warming winter squash as the days cool down.
  • To break out of your cooking doldrums--get things you wouldn't usually buy at the store and experiment in your kitchen!
  • To prepare for a special event--use our online ordering to get extra veggies or a log of Firefly Farms Chevre to have for your next dinner party.
  • To try some new recipes with your old favorites--we'll share recipes on our Facebook page.
  • To feel connected to a local farm--we'll have a weekly blog on the website that lets you know how things are going out here in Cranesville and we often post lots of pictures of our adventures to Facebook.

Sign up for our CSA here.